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07:43pm 20/08/2005

so I want to write in this one b.c i want to vent I dont want everyone freaking out I am just at my end!

So I called one of my best friends today and I was just gonna tell her something and I wanted to u know talk to her for a lil bit longer and she was watching a movie and was like "yah k i g2g bye" and idk its just really shown me that ever since shes gotten her liscence we have totally drifted and Idk its just really pissing me off--to know that one of ur best friends can just snap like that--its just so wierd we prolly have issues we need to work out but I dont wanna talk about them it will just turn into a fight--and I feel like I'm the only one who cares anymore and god fucking damn she ruins this all the time for me--what am I suppose to do???   Does she know how many people I have ruined relationships with b.c of her if only i could do it all over again~but I cant and I wont and we have had some awesome times together but I mean how can she be such a **excuse this**royal bitch?? I mean I know I can BELIEVE ME~but everything is always my fault she always tells me whats wrong with me  Idk if i can handle it anymore but I dont wanna be the one to say I'm done either--I'm in such a wierd place and idk i hate it all!  Just get me outta here~~ ahhhh!!


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I can never see my lj   
06:12pm 12/09/2004
mood: drained

k i seriously cant see my lj anymore so I dont know when the last time I updated was lol!!~so sry if I repeat myself!! u gotta <3 me tho lol!!

sWiMmInG~been fun so far I guess-havent missed a practice yet and we won all 3 of our meets so far-tommarow we go against Rochester{Go AHS girlies}so yah and I swam a 200 last meet and got a pretty good time-and I dropped 3 more seconds on my 100 so that was good~but Tim didnt put Nat0 in her 500 even tho he was like upsessed with the time she got~but yah so he was all glad that I got a good time in the 200-kinda scared now tho lol!!~but yah I jus got bak from a pasta party today-that was fun lol-gosh ppls houses these days lol!!!

ScHoOl~gosh waht a bore lol-but I dunno its been going by pretty fast jus because of swimming I think-but yah I am havin some fun I guess-cant beleive I am a JR!!~its like whoa where did the time go??~this is the time of the year I hate tho cuzz I cant hang out with like ne of my girls and I miss them all!!!!*tears*lol!!  But once swim and school wind down it will be nice~and I can chill with all you guys!!~

WeEkEnD~Lets see-last weekend I hung out at Nats and we chilled thur--even tho I was sick and I hung out with Kels we went to Lakeside and to Olive Garden cuz we cant get dates jus flicked off-haha!!-but ya we had so much fun and then we went bak to Kels and hung round there on her hammocks-i <3 those!!!~Then I hung out with Nat and Anna-we went up to caribou and chelle was too cool for us lol~but yah we went to the village and I bought sum super sexy pants that if I wear anna will never talk to me lol!~!but I wore them lol!!~and then we went bak to nats and chilled there and watched some TV after we got Blimpe lol anna and the mayo situation!!~and she got like no pickles when she was hinting-but the guy was so hott-!-and we watched the partridge fam at nats-Battle of the Keiths-that was good~and then we went home!! I hung out with Nat0 the next day and we went to coldstone on our non swimming day and then we went bak to nat0s house and chilled thur-I saw her HC dress-omg its really cute-but yah-And this weekend the G and P are here-and we kinda have had them drivin us lol-I went and tried on some dresses yesterday at lisas-that was fun-but I dont know if I want to wear one of hers my mom likes it on me but I dunno I wanna try on some more dresses-but they cant be expensive this year-and then I had to bbsit that nite-it was fun-we painted nails and stuff-Today I went to church and lunch and then picked up nat0 and we hung at my house and went up to the village and got some starbucks and found candy corn~yay~we are like upsessed with that stuff!!!-then we went to the pasta party and had a fun walk bak hehe-antisocial bud lol-but yah -and now i am here gettin ready for 5 45 practice-god help me lol!!!

HoMeCoMiNg~i am so excitedfor homecoming this year!!  IT should be fun but I dunno-like I wanna go witha  date and me n drew have been hangin round more l8ley but i dont wanna get to involved in sumtin now cuz its jus not a good time but in the same sense i wanna-plus i want a date for HC-well he invited me to an after party but hes goin to oxfords hc and then theres the girls at ahs after party and daniela is having an after party so its like AHHH-but i can tell ya one thing this HC I am gettin wasted~heack yah~its jr year-and ill be careful guys i sware haha-but yah!!~I dunno tho-and like no one has told me ne plans or nething and it should be really kewl this year-but i was wondering does neone have ne extra dresses that I could borrow that are like around my size or does anyone know of newhere that has cheap dresses~well lemme know if ya do

kk enough for now lol~im out!



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12:11pm 04/09/2004
  Being sick sucks!!~got a cold but I still toughed it out at practice-woo hoo!!~no Sudafed tho Nat hehe!!!

Anyways~I was listenin to some songs today and I never realized how much I love the Maroon5 song!!~"She Will Be <3ed" thats such a sweet song!!~I also am like in <3 with Avrils new cd-the lyrics are awesome!!~really I didnt like her old cd but this one has awesome lyrics!!
-but yah!~so lets see what else is going on??! Jus a bunch of family stuff thats no fun!!~but umm-yah I didnt get to go to the game or hang with neone yesterday-that sucked~!~
I went to get my check cashed but thats gonna take another year~really jus a week~but its like year to me lol~so yah!!~

Well think I am gonna go kinda hang round here~woo hooo!!


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confusing mood   
04:33pm 29/08/2004

whats up??

k so I havent updated in a LONG time its called SWIM!!~the hell of my life~lol jking!!~well neways!!

Yesterday***GOt up brite and early for an "outdoor" meet which ended up being called and then of course The Hickster moved it to Adams.  But it was all good- jus sucked that I had to get up really early when we didnt start our meet til 9 30!  But oh well I ended up shaving 7 seconds off my time in my 100 whcih was really good!!! So I was happy about that!!  But then we had a car wash-that was cool though-I had to pee so much tho seriously I went to BK like 4 times to pee--its bad!!--But anyway then I came home took a quick nap then got ready went to Nats and hung out over there ordered some dinner and went with MJ and Nat up to Coldstone that was fun-then we went bak to Nats!!!~anyways that was kewl!!

So today jus really pissed me off~~kk we went to church and my dad didnt go cuzz ya know he didnt feel good--but its like k hard to explain but everytime we go to church its like every other person is there and talks and talks about my dad and all this-and its like a HUGE pitty party and I CANT stand it!!~but my mom loves it~she like goes off and starts crying and talking about all this.  And I'm just like u guys arent helping her cuzz then she doesnt wanna do nething bc they are like u dont need to do this or this we will take care of it for u so she like decides to mope around and stuff and I mean I understand that shes going through alot-but she needs to keep herself busy!!~and it just really upsets me having to go there and then its like im constantally thinking about what I am going through and its just like OMG I dont wanna be miserable.  But I mean I wanna talk about it sometimes but its like EVERY sunday~its like if I have to go to church I wanna go somewhere that I feel comfortable where no one knows whats going on...its just really botherin me!!~ALOT!!!  kk so now that I got that out~

{Anna, I cant comment fro sum reason on ur lj so I jus wanted to let u know whatever is going on with u about ur bro moving I am always here to talk about it/listen  it must totally suck a ton  so anytime know I am here :) }

anyways gonna go!!




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12:28pm 17/08/2004
mood: sleepy
1-Creative Writing Demontinay
2-German 2 Schmidt
3-Math Taylor
4-Economics Foster
5-Comp 11 A Schmidt
6-Chem Com Stys(gr8) lol

Got any of the same classes or know anyone who does?? COMMENT please-like no one has the same classes!!~sucks!!



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hEy ItS mY bIrThdAy***go leasha***   
12:22pm 13/08/2004
mood: touched

Happy Sweet 16 to me!!!~!!!

KK I know you guys are dying to know how my bday went-hehe- so I will just have to let u know!!

Lets see in the morning got up and went to swim practice*always a plus* but it wasnt hard and I got moved up a lane!!~yay!!~and I got to get my present from Nat*0 during swimming~!~and OMG I was so so so EXCITED!!!~thanks so much Nat*0-she got me a real Dooney and Bourke wallet~clutch purse.  It is really cute!!~She got me these super comfy pjs too!!~And I am still waiting for my cupcakes!!~i <3 yah!!


My mom picked us up and I went back home and went out to Bravo with my Mom and my Dad and then we came home and just my mom and I went to the bank.  My Grandma left me this gold heart necklace with an A for my 16th bday...she bought it the day I was born...unfortunatally she wasn't alive to see me get it-but I know my Grandma and she totally knew that it would mean alot esspecially with everything that happened this summer.


We came home and had ppl over for cake and presents.  Lets see my cousin Kim and Jeff and their 3 kids came and Nat Smithy and "Natalies Mom"hehe-and Nat*0 and Lisa and Sally and Aunt Viki and Cameroon!!  It was good~!~my cake was at least hehe~!~jking I had lots of fun being able to see everyone!!~I got this really really sweet collage from Lisa OMG it was so cute~! She put all these pics of us growing up together on the picture frame.  It was so so so so sweet!  Kim and Jeff gave me flowers and this really cute card!!  Nat and "Natalies Mom" gave me a really cool wallet with an A on it and its blue and green!!~Sally got me this really cute purse with sweet pea in it~ I <3 sweet pea!!  Aunt Viki and Cameroon got me a Caribou gift card~which helps for my infamous trips up there with anna and nat~hehe!! I got a charm bracelet and picked out my class ring those were my presents....my rents were gonna rent a mustang but it was too cold so they cancelled it.  I got my G rents card today with some money and all these pics they were really cool~!~a pic of me with my mustang of course!!~hehe!! oh well Just thought I would let everyone know how it went!! 

TONIGHT....going out with Nat, Chelle, and Erika for some good BD's dinner.  THats gonna be fun!!!~well update l8r!!!


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LiFe ThRoWs OuT mOrE cUrVeS   
10:11pm 31/07/2004
mood: hopeful
**screamin** gosh sometimes I just can't stand this!!~kk well lets see not everyone knows this but my dad went to his oncologist-which is the guy that takes care of the treatmentsmy rents went and met with the oncologist-which is my dad chemo doctor- and he told my parents his prognosis(which they have gotten from MANY other doctors) but he was VERY blunt and told my parents that my dads tumor is a cancerous reoccuring tumor so in most cases it just comes back "bigger and badder" so they are doing what they can to make it come back later but eventually he will pass away because the tumor will get too big. And my dad doesnt wanna go through anymore surgeries, so they said 11-15 months -and he told my dad that his tumor was a reoccuring tumor. You know I really wonder what the heack did I do? I mean once my dad got out of surgery and recovered so quick I thought hey you know all we are going to have to get through is the chemo and radiation and then he will be back to himself going to work and stuff~!~and now this blow. Well the first couple days/nights I just cried constantly....but I really have to say friends helped me so so much...dan came over and took me out-nat0 listened to me talk and chelle was really there. But I really felt terrible like how the heack can my dad be dieing? But now I really feel like something miraculous is going to happen...I know I might be wrong but this is what I felt before his surgery and I feel it again. I really beleive that God is going to change this and I have heard it from lots of other people too. Who knows what can happen...but time is so precious!!! Please you guys remember that-and pray for my dad and my family*esspecially my mom and brother* those are the 2 I am really really worried about them. But God has his hand in this, and he works miracles.
THis is all I really wanna update on today!

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havent updated in a while   
10:21am 24/07/2004
mood: busy

so lets see~!~

My dad's spine is clear on the 27th he starts his treatments...radiation~6weeks...chemo~a year*but its this new kind so he wont be sleeping all day and stuff he mite be able to go bak to work* but yah~!~so thats good because we will jus have to get through the treatments now~gosh its been a tough summer!!! once this is all over it will be really really good~as lisa keeps sayin~!

I feel really bad Mr Nordrum died its kinda scary I saw him the last day of skewl and now hes like dead~that is really sad~and I kinda feel bad about the stuff I said about him but then again as Nat put it~there is never one teacher that u dont say sumtin about~and EVERYBODY says at least ONE thing about a teacher so then I guess that makes sense!

L8ley I have been hangin out with ppl and bbsitting~this week was my catching up week!~which was kewl~!~I ended up hangin out with dan and nat*0 and smtihy!!!and I hung out with Lisa and bbsat for ppl~!~so it was pretty good......

MONDAY~me and nat*0 did our daily run and we ran up brewster to dutton, down dutton then down adams to my sub!!~but it was a gr8 workout~lets see--then we came bak to my house and layed out or a bit with my sis~and that was the day my bro came home`woo hoo`!!and I actually think I already updated on this!!!

TUESDAY~lets see got up in the morning and went swimming then I came home and took my dad out for lunch and then came home and went to bbsit down the street--so then nat and I were suppose to hang out so we went to brewster when I was done and we were gonna do sumtin else and guess what we totally didnt get to hang out cuzz my mom skrewed stuff up and ended up telling my youth pastors wife that i would bbsit which was kewl~but neways~nat came with me cuzz maria was kewl with that~so she helped me and lets see what else did we do?~?OOO on our way home my mom came to pick me up and so did mrs smith and she screamed so so so so loud me and nat thought we were getting in a car accident but my mom ran over two racoons aww~but ya!!!!

WEDNSDAY~hmm lets see ooo yah I got up and went swimming and then came home and got ready to go out with dan~we went and picked up nat*0 and all three of us went to caribou then we went to sit outside well dan went to get sumtin outta the trunk and she put her drink on top and it spilled all over her car~aww poor dan! so dan had never been in a car wash and nat*0 was all like " i get out of my cars when we get them washed and then they wax them....and blah blah" anyways so I had to tell dan how to put her car through the car wash~oh well!!~anyways!!!and then I sitll had my cup from caribou and nat*0 threw it outta the window for me lol~that was gr8 so yah then this lady in her conv was like following us~and we went and looked at a moceri house so that was kewl~!~except nat*0 was like gonna break the house lol!!~and we were all gonna go see a movie but umm i bbsat really really l8!!!but hey i got paid!!~and that was about it!!

THURSDAY~went to Lifetime with nat*0 that was kewl~we went swim-swimming and then we layed out around the pool~and of course we had to go by her fellow mafia members and so they were mafia like and they were jus wonderful~!~but neways~we had fun~then I came home and put away groceries~and I helped my dad grill I dropped the burgers on the deck omg they were all so mad!!~hehe~whoops!! o well!!

FRIDAY~what a gr8 day went out with nat~got to see all the wedding pics and then we went and hung out at the village and stuff ate BAJA fresh and that was good~got some tops from Gap I like those--they make me look really tan-- lets see I went out to a movie with dan and her bf didnt come so that was kewl~we got to go see Cinderella Story that was good I was like crying ~but hey thats me lol~and then we went out to eat at Cosi after we got some money from mom or should i say Pearle?? lol Cafe el de Behm hehe dan u crak me up!! i <3 yah!! and then we had fun singin in the car!!!~but yah!!we had fun!!excerpt my dads atm card wouldnt work but oh well!!!~I will jus have to drop some money by tommarw!!!~so yah!

THIS WEEKEND!!!!! gonna swim stop by dans drop off the money borrow her movie and then gonna go home to nats gonna stop by help her pack and stuff then gonna watch the movie with my mom tonite~so that will be kewl~and then tommarow gonna go to jakes with chelle wooo~lol~gotta get my two piece on for him haha jking chelle did u get ur new one?

out for now~!~




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05:34pm 19/07/2004

the head aches~!~my bro is home how much does that suck lol~!~yah didn't go swimming today~sry I didnt call ya nat...the rents jus got bak now waiting for dad to get up so we can go out for coffee and then tomamrow I have no idea what I'm doing~possibly going to swim my laps for once lol~!~nat maybe we can do sumtin later on at nite...sleepover...get u to watch butterfly effect omg that was the best movie...then wednsday I am hangin with dan and bbsitting that nite...and thursday me and chelle should hang out~ye$$!!~lets see friday?? oo my dad has an appt and today i went on my daily run and ran brewster to dutton down dutton bak up adams it was gr8!!!~*walked a lil of the way* but yah...i really hope i get my letter this year!!~anyways!!! sry short jus thought I would let u guys know whats going on...hey anna we need to hang out too!!!!! maybe like hmm friday or wedns. nite or saturday!!!~when do ya leave??  anyways ttyl!!!and alex me and nat are gonna hang out with u...what movie were we gonna go to?  Sam's wedding was really kewl even tho it rained it was still really good and nat I want a copy of ur cousin dancin with his mom and also a copy of us at the wedding i can jus scan um or whatever but that bryan dang he was so hott!!!~!!!  oh well anyways!~!ooo he was so hott tho and he had a lil accent aww how cute!  oh well...out for now



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woo hoo~!~   
09:46pm 10/07/2004

Had fun today~!~

went out with nat*0 she just got back from tenessee so we went and hung out at Lifetime~!~went swim-swimming for about 2 hours and saw Timmy thur!!~that was uh much fun!?!lol!! anyways then we went and layed out to tan for like 5 hrs...and we went around in the pools and stuff  but OMG I got so freakin burnt!!~!!sucks so much miss 1/2 black gurl ooo well I threw her "superkewl green hairtie" in the gutta!!~hehe aww poor nat*0 she knows i luv her tho!~anyways I might be able to go to tenessee for a weekend with her and her frank*0 they jus bought a boat too so it would be fun but oh well~!~anyways!!!I am getting really sick of the g rents they have been here forver they leave monday and my bro leaves tuesday so yay!! then I can hang out with everyone and it will be nice and quiet around here!!~anyways!!!NAT I still have your cds btw!!!!!~I'll bring um by maybe Monday?? sound good? GREAT!!~or maybe even tommarow nite if I am home~!~anywyas!!~

My summer is almost over cuz I gotta start swimmin again grrr that sucks! AUG 9th... hey my 16th bday is coming up~YAY!~anyways nothing else is goin on so yah!!!

Oh CHELLE I awnsered ur call today and it was all like breakin up!!!~it was wierd!!~anyways~I will see ya when u get home!!~I gots to go sleep cuz I have church tommarow!!~




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I'm bouncin off the walls!~   
08:09pm 09/07/2004
mood: anxious


~Went with Kels to her pool, we hung out there and went swimming and all that fun stuff! We had fun just chilling out and talkin and all that...xcept when we got thrown in that sucked!~anyways!!lets do it again soon~!~*since the bros are goin away*lol!

~came home and my dad shaved his mustache off and his head is buzzed now!~!its pretty cool!

~now I'm waiting for Brett me and him are gonna go out for a bit and then hopefully my mom will let me go over to Kris's for the POTC Party!!!!  We'll see!!~so yah jus waiting for Brett!!~once the g rents leave I will be able to do so much more lol~but they leave monday!!

anyways gonna go get ready

out for now!



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fReAkIng it WiTh DrEwS dAwG~!~?~   
03:10pm 04/07/2004
mood: bored

so lifes been krazzY!~

My daddy's home and thats all good~xcept hes gotta get lots of sleep and stuff and it's mass chaos with the sibs and visitors that are like always over!!~

Friday nite~I babysat for Maria and her kiddies are so cute!~but she has 3 kids under the age of 4 and she is gonna have another one~gosh maria ur brave lol~!~anyways...that was much fun!  Their new house is so cute too!Then I went over to Erikas for a lil party time~that was awesome...xcept i was so tired so i like feel asleep really early~!~then we ate bagels the next morning!~yay! or as anna says BAIGALS!~lol~but yah happy 17th erika!

Saturday~hmm I went home from Erika's and went swimmin then my dad came home!~omg l8r that nite drew called me and he was talkin to me for like an hour~and then he told me he had this friend that wanted to meet me and i was like umm okay? Well he showed up at my house and my mom met him and she said i could go out for like an hour but i had to come bak which was pretty cool~he was awesome!~he was so funny!~but we went drivin round and he is all into rap and alternative but we were listenin to some rap cd and he started screamin "leasha wants to freak it with drews dawg" to the song or whatever i was like umm k? lol!~he has an awesome car tho!~Thunderbird conv top~!~but yah he was pretty hott! His name was Brett~but anyways that was fun got my mind off a bunch of stuff...i dont know if thats why drew did it or jus bcuz but it really rocked and I really wanna thank ya drew ur a sweet<3!~smooch to ya~!

happy 4th all!~Natz is gonna come over and we are gonna have our own 4th party~!~that will be a lot of fun!~I can't wait!

anna's bday is tommarow~!~yay!!happy 16th MJ!!:)

gonna go call Natz!~out for now!


reminded me of america!!*wink*

I was raised off of Route Three,
Out where the blacktop ends.
We'd walk to Church on Sunday mornings,
Race barefoot back to Johnson's fence.
That's where I first saw Mary,
On that roadside pickin' blackberries.
That summer I turned a corner in my soul,
Down that red dirt road.

It's where I drank my first beer.
It's where I found Jesus.
Where I wrecked my first car:
I tore it all to pieces.
I learned the path to Heaven,
Is full of sinners an' believers.
Learned that happiness on earth,
Ain't just for high achievers.
I've learned; I come to know,
There's life at both ends,
Of that red dirt road.

Her Daddy didn't like me much,
In my shackled up GTO.
Oh, I'd sneak out in the middle of the night,
Throw rocks at her bedroom window.
We'd turn out the headlights,
Drive by the moonlight.
Talk about what the future might hold,
Down that red dirt road.

It's where I drank my first beer.
It's where I found Jesus.
Where I wrecked my first car:
I tore it all to pieces.
I learned the path to Heaven,
Is full of sinners an' believers.
Learned that happiness on earth,
Ain't just for high achievers.
I've learned; I come to know,
There's life at both ends,
Of that red dirt road.

I went out into the world,
An' I came back in.
I lost Mary:
Oh, I got her back again.
An' drivin' home tonight,
Feels like I've found a long-lost friend.

It's where I drank my first beer.
It's where I found Jesus.
Where I wrecked my first car:
I tore it all to pieces.
I learned the path to Heaven,
Is full of sinners an' believers.
Learned that happiness on earth,
Ain't just for high achievers.
I've learned; I come to know,
There's life at both ends,
Of that red dirt road.


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Been REAL busy!   
08:25am 01/07/2004
mood: exhausted

Whoa it's been a really hectic week~whoa!~  Well my dad....lets start from the beginning*****

       My dad had been getting sick and went to the doctors who gave him medicine for a virus...and after he was off all that medication it wasn't helping him so he was coming home from work and was all sick and all that....so on Tuesday night, June 22nd, my Mom took him to the ER and he had a cat scan done that showed swelling on the right side of the brain.  On Wednsday, they found out, once they did MRI's, that he had a cancerous tumor on his brain.  They determined that he could come home then have surgery the next week.  Then they realized that the tumor was growing very fast, and he was put in ICU at Royal Oak Beaumont, and then they made his surgery planned for Tuesday.  Tuesday came and he had his surgery, which Natalie SMithy, Erika, Anna, Chelle, and Nat*O were so nice to be there for, they helped me so so so much!!!~and his surgery took 4 hrs-when they were sayin 10 to 12 hrs.- and it went so wonderful...everything that they were talkin about risk wise did not happen.  He woke up right away from the anestesia and he was not swollen, and they took the tube right out for his breathing, he was also talking and was able to move all of his body parts.  He got rid of a lot of his tubes on Wednsday, and he was moved out of ICU and put into a regular room!~I really have to say that there is no way this would have gone so well without all the prayers that people were saying for us~I dont think I would have been so calm~Really thanks so much for everything EVERYONE!!~but it's not over....he is going to have to go through Radiation and Chemo both at the same time for 5-6 weeks.  It is going to be long..but the worst is over...seriously you have no idea how much it means to know that all these ppl have been prayin,thinkin of us, and just been doing all these wonderful things.  You really see who your real friends are.

  Well there isn't really much else goin on~but uh I am obviously not on my trip anymore, and lets see not much else really goin on rite now lol~!~

thanks again guys for EVERYTHING!!!




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news on my dad   
07:01am 24/06/2004
mood: restless

hi guys~ well I just wanted to let you guys know that my dad has a tumor on his brain.  He is going to get it operated on and hopefully he will be okay. 

Please keep him in your prayers and I will update when I find more out.

thanks guys!


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This Weekend   
09:00am 21/06/2004
mood: thankful

This weekend.......was okay~lets see Friday umm....well I hung out at home for a while~then me and Dan and Nat*0 were suppose to get together~but we didn't cuz my mom was all like"sik family" anyways~so I layed out and all that tryin to get my tan!!~lol~then nat*0 came over after she was done BOOTLEGGN*haha*k anyways....so then we went up to Brewster and we took The Kid...we all played around*"I sware I feel like I am 2 again"* "I used to get yelled at for doing this but now I can!!!! w/o gettin yelled at"* Anyways....we hopped the fence into the cemetery~that was lots of fun!!!~Lilz tried doin it and tore her shirt!!!~but yah I got eatten alive by mosqitoes that suked much!!!~but other than that it was pretty fun!!~*does that make sense?*

Anyways...on Saturday lets see I had to get up really early for Wapekeka meeting~woot woot!~then my mom and I went to look at some cars that was fun!~I might actually get my own car...its gonna be a piece of junk but me and my dad agreed on this one car it's not the best but it has a sunroof and I really want one so yah~!~and my Dad likes the car...~anyways I came home and again layed outside for my tan*jus not happenin* lol and then I went to bbsit.  Yah so I took Lana and Ian up to the park and my sis was already up there so that was fun they all played together and then Nat Smithy was walkin bak from Anna's house rite when we were leavin so we got to walk bak with her!~that was fun!~anyways... I was really pissed when I came home tho b/c these ppl with the pool behind us like had a pool party with their music on a millon so finally my rents called the cops so they would SHUT UP!!~omg it was so so so so loud!!~I could not sleep!!~tired leasha=vurry mean leasha....

SO on Sunday~had to get up early again!!~that was too early for me...7:30 lol!~so then I went to church and then went and got commisoned for my misson trip...that was very fun!~none of my group is mornin ppl xcept for J...the "team 3 hug" gosh I dont know how I am gonna survive lol!~had J and Keith attackin me!!~ahh!~anyways so we got commisoned for our trip and I went to my service and guess what on Father's day my dad wasnt there and neither was my mom*tears* anyways...l8r on when I got home we went out to Stoney Creek Roadhouse for like father's day and stuff and they have really good food thur~so that was fun!~then lets see we left there and went for sum ice cream that was cool~drove to both places**yess** and then we went to look at sum cars and went to "revisit my parents youth" we went by my dads old house and he told us about all the places and what he used to do~so much fun~!

So yah got home really l8 and then I was waken up by my bro and sis as they were off to their bball camps and stuff...hopefully this week is gonna be fun....its my last!~anyways out for now!

*SmOoChEs* leasha



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DeTrOiT bAsKeTbAlL   
10:32pm 17/06/2004
mood: crazy

all I gotta say is....*Nat say it with me*

"DeTrOiT bAsKeTbAlL"

           Me and Nat went to the Pistons Rally today at The Palace~that was so much fun!!!~I loved it!!~We got to see all the players!!~EXCEPT for our like total fav.....DARKO....poor baby had to get hand surgery!!~aww!~oh well we saw Chauncey, Ben, *MY BROTHER* lol....umm Sheed...and lets see who else made my hit list....Memo...and Corlius...the others were cool too....i guess...haha jking!!~anyways~we got sum signs and stuff and we headed for home~!~vurry fun day!!~

    So later on today when we got back to my house we couldn't get in so we ended up walkin over to Nat's and we hung out there and ordered some pizza....and looked for basketball songs!!~haha~so like when I go buy my cds I am headin over and makin that cd OMG I cant wait I like luv the songs we dwnlded cant wait for that cd!!!~YESS!!!~okay enuf bout the stupid cd!!~ ANyways...yah I was really dissappointed in Anna bc we did not have a deck party at her house AHEM like we were suppose too!!~

    I walked and met Anna and Nat last nite....and they hid behind a tree...they scared me I thought I was gonna pee my SKIRT~lol jking!!~and then we headed bak to MJ's and yah that was fun we saw some "up and coming froshers" lol demonstration the walk...hey anna" We are such rebels we are gonna sled down the NO SLEDDING hill with no snow and No sleds" yah!!!~lol~then we had much fun watchin Nat and Annas lil video things lol!!~anyways~!!

Let's see tommarow is Friday which means in like a week I am leavin woo hoo~arent you excited 2 whole weeks without me~I know youall are gonna shed many tears!!~lol~I will pass round the kleenex!!~

                  Anyways out for the nite~leave some comments or sumthing


UPDATE ON MY DAD~he went to the doctor and got some new medicine to help him to stop getting sick....if he can keep down this powerade stuff then he will be all good if not he's gonna have to go and get an IV put in!



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Lifetimed today~!~   
05:54pm 16/06/2004
mood: mellow

Smithy and Nat*0 all day today~!~

Ahh had much fun today~went to Lifetime....met Nat*0 up thur and then she paid for me to go again!!~aww you are such a sweetheart~I wuv yah!!!~anyways so we saw our NOW coach~that's the team we both like never showed up for and then quit~anyways...he was teachin the lil kids while we were tannin and we changed our suits and came out and he was all like"Girls come join us this fall I want you too to seriously think about it!" and all this!!~and of course Nat*0 was all like YAH Leasha will have her car 2!!!~ya rite~ahhh oh well!!!So then we called Smithy to meet us~and she came and joined our lil FIESTA~we saw Timmy there too~ahhh it was like the invasion of the coaches!!!~haha and he had his lil purple bag....~umm does that say sumtin~!lol!!!In case he reads this....you're the best coach ever and Aleasha really should get her letter ya know!!!!~lol ANYWAYS....so yah we all screwed around for a while then went in the hott tub that was fun!!!~Saw Derrick but didn't say hey~oh well~he looked like he was havin fun!!~We went back outside and kinda jus hung out for awhile...then me and Nat*0 went "swim-swimming" in our kinis~that was intresting...ended up using smithys key to hold up my suit~!~Yah so started to rain and we went bak to the hott tub then swim swimmin again and Smithy worked out~that was cool!!~EXCEPT Smithy wasnt with us so I missed her!!~but I passed Nat*0 for once in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!~well it wasnt really passing her but oh well it still counted~!!  ANyways~

               PiStOnS wOn!!!

So yah this week has gone by so freakin fast!!!and I only have one more left~hey guys if you any of ya pray can ya PLEASE pray for my dad cuz he is really sick~and he needs to get better!!!  Anyways~I am home now hangin with the sis until my bro gets bak from soccer tryouts*good luck John* and then think I am gonna head over to Anna's and have a deck party ~yay!~and we are gonna make Kool Aid...hopefully my madre lets me~well out for now!!



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we were runnin round for the boys*wink*wink*   
08:42pm 15/06/2004

TODAY~hAd mUch fuN!!!!

First woke up and got ready~woo hoo!!~ so my dardie was really sick so that sucked~I felt bad fo rhim.....aww poor daddy!!~so I was kinda takin care of him!!  Since my mom was with nat's mom and they were doin whatever they do lol~jkin....they were lookin for sams wedding stuff!!~  so yah!!! 

Then me and Nat*0 met halfway and rode MY bikes back to my house and we hung out over hur on my deck!!~woo hoo!!~Got changed in the kinis and went out to layout for a while....decided we wanted to play in the sprinkler and walked up to smithys and she wasnt home!!!~after 20 mins of kncokin on the door.....so we came bak home and played in the sprinkler had a big water fite and had some guys stop by thanks to drew~him and mark stopped by!!~that was fun....we got them soakin and they werent too happy but hey had to do it boys...after all you made us go down the slide!!~hehe~!oops! that was fun!! then we dryed off a bit out in the sun for a bit!!~then drew and mark went to play bball so they left us~so we ended up gettin stranded again lol~we made some mac n cheese and hung inside for a lil bit then hung out on the porch swing~!~that was fun!!

so yah and I went runnin last nite with my bro that was fun too~we had a great talk...it ws actually possible lol!!!~now watchin the pistons go to work!!!~win it for me!!~

jus had to say special sry to chelle cuz i think she thinks i was ignorin her but uh dont worry i wasnt jus was outside like all day and my dad has been sick and all that kinda stuff so yah~!dont think i hate ya cuz i dont!!~not screenin the calls~*ahem* natali** lol!!~



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11:42am 15/06/2004

If You ran away
You would runaway to- a friends house
You would bring- lipstick
You would meet- A HOT guy/Girl
Would you ever go back? Nah
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little quizz   
11:11am 15/06/2004
mood: hot

Ahh had to add this in my lj...its a lil quiz thing~copy and paste it if ya want~!


full name: Aleasha leah diane campbell

Nicknames: leasha, campingbell, alley, al, leasherd, whatever ya wanna call me

sibs: sister, Lilz, who is 8, and brother, Jac, who is 12

Best friends:~so many~ but Nat Smithy, Tess and Kal, Megs, Nat*0, and many others

best music to play: ahh luv alternative....blink182, dashboard confessional, limp bizkit, GOB, Our Lady Peace, Switchfoot, Sugarcult,  Custom,Atari's, and many more....LUV country....Brookes and Dunn is my fav!!~like rap and pop too!! pretty much any type of music I go for!!~

best drink: alil orange juice with sum vodka to wake ya up~haha AUDREY!!!~lol jking...umm LEMONADE and DIET COKE!!~oh yah and Pineapple smoothies!!

best food: my mommys alfredo and raman...could live off that....as long as I had some Kruse and muer bread to go along with it!!~

Best AnImal: aww I luv so many...S AVE THE COWS!!! lol~hmm I luv puppy's and pandas and kittys!!~and pretty ponys too lol Elle!!

Best memory~: gosh there are SOOO MANY!!!~I have a ton with like everyone and it would take a lot of typin/space....so I will go with the 3 that I have at the top of my head...ready...set....go....

1.  Smithy runnin into the screen door at like 1 am...she was uh "drunk" right chelle??*wink*

2. Makin my own "waterpark" with Nat*0  durin the storm when we were suppose to be studyin!~

3. Chinese Tea~that was mean though lol~ and this goes with it YJ sayin thank ya to the Chinese lady in her "chinese voice"

The Best Color~uh hello PURPLE and pink and light blue....* i like the way orange looks on me* lol

Best PhRase:  rite now I am really into "HeAcK yA" but also "lIfE iS jUiCy"...."Big Nein"

BeSt SuBjEcT: Englsih!

THe BeSt PlAcE to shop: American Eagle, Hollister, and Kohls gettin everything ON SALE of course!!~i sware i like nevr but anything full price!! I am addicted to sales!! lol

ThE bEsT cAr: 2004 Ford Mustang in yellow with white leather and top!!!

bEsT sOnG aT tHe MoMeNt: Feel Good TImes by Pink*summery song and in a summerty mood*

bEsT hAir cOloR:lite brown *mine of course*




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